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Notary Services for Pakistan

Notarization for documents to be used in Pakistan can be done at the consulate in Toronto:


Consulate General for Pakistan, 7880 Keele Street , Unit No. 14 , Vaughan Canada L4K 4G7

Office 1: 905-532-0042

           2: 905-532-9131

           3: 905-532-9206

           4: 905-532-9630

           5: 905-532-9768

Fax     1: 905-532-9531


If your Pakistan document permits notarization by a Notary Public, then we can help!

The range of documents which we typically see from clients with Pakistan documents to be notarized at Brampton Notary Services are:

  • Court Documents
  • Pension Life Certificates
  • Affidavits  
  • Powers of Attorney including Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Letters of authorisation
  • Letters of consent
  • Documents in relation to property transfers and mortgages
  • ... and your documents!

Forms of Notary Public Acknowledgments

Clients and lawyers in Pakistan often ask us what are the forms of ‘Ontario Notary Acknowledgments’, ‘Notary Statements for Ontario’ and ‘Notary Acknowledgement Forms Ontario’.   The simple answer to this is that they are largely the same as in Pakistan (which is a common law tradition country), except that ‘state’ should be changed to ‘Canada’ and ‘county’ should be changed to ‘Town/City’.   Jurats are also fine to remain in the format used for notaries in Pakistan.

There is no requirement that we be able to read the document.  Our function as notaries is to confirm identity, not the formal validity of the document being signed.

We have helped hundreds of Pakistan and non-Pakistan citizens with their Pakistan Notary requirements.