Society of Notaries Public of BC

The Society of Notaries Public of BC is a professional organization established pursuant to the Notaries Act of British Columbia and has been assigned a duty to regulate the members of The Society. That includes setting a standard for BC Notaries to follow.

The position of notary as a member of one of the branches of the legal profession is sanctioned and safeguarded by law. Unique in North America, BC Notaries provide many non-contentious legal services to the public. The professional work of a BC Notary is covered by an insurance plan that protects the public.


Society of Notaries Public of BC
1220 – 625 Howe Street, Box 44
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2T6

Telephone: 604 681-4516
Toll Free: 1-800-663-0343
Fax: 604 681-7258
Email: Email Form

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