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Child Travel Abroad Consent Letters

Brampton Notaries Services - what we do:  Travel Consent Letters, with links to Travel Canada recommended Child Travel Consent letter form.

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El Salvador - Notary Services

The range of documents which we typically see from clients with El Salvadorean documents to be notarized at Brampton Notary Services are:

  • Powers of Attorney including Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Letters of authorisation

  • Letters of consent

  • Documents in relation to property transfers and mortgages

  • Court Documents

  • ... and your documents!

We provide Spanish language services, including translation from Spanish to English, and English to Spanish.

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Role of the Notary Public in India

A Notary is person appointed by the Central Government or state government under Notaries Act, 1952. The Central Government may appoint a notary for the whole or any part of the country. Likewise, the state government may appoint a notary for the entire or for any part of the state. A Notary is a public officer.

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Notarial Certification

 This also applies to situations where a certified copy of a document - such as a birth certificate, for example - is required to prove a fact.

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Documents We Notarize - Some Examples

Brampton Notaries Services - what we do:  examples of documents we notarize.  This list is not exhaustive.

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Notarization & Identification

A primary duty of a notary is to identify the client. In the case of individuals, this includes proof of residential address. We will, therefore, require personal documentation from clients and signatories which may include one or more of the following:-

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