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Sample Invitation Letter in Support of a B-2 Visitor Visa Application

Sample Invitation Letter in Support of a B-2 Visitor Visa Application

Invitation Letter notarization:


for the first signature, and


for each additional signature notarization.  



This letter is a sample only.  When completing such a document, it is best to enquiry with the consulate or embassy where the letter is being presented to determing their then current requirements.


U.S. Consulate

Manila, Philippines

To Whom It May Concern: 

My name is Jane Smith. I am a United States Citizen and I reside at 1234 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90219.

I am submitting this letter to affirm that I have invited my niece, Mary Smith, a citizen of Philippines, to visit me for a period of three months. Mary has never been to the United States and we would like her to visit with my family in California. During this period, we will travel around California and the neighboring states to see the major attractions. 

While Mary is in the United States, she will stay with me at my home at the address provided above. I will be responsible for all of Mary’s room and board expenses while she is in the United States. I have attached an Affidavit of Support confirming that I have sufficient means to provide for the support of my niece during her visit to the United States. At the conclusion of her visit, I will see that my niece returns safely to her home in the Philippines. 

Mary will be presenting this letter to you, along with evidence to establish her close ties to the Philippines, and to assure you that she will return prior to the expiration of her stay in the United States. 

Your kind consideration to this request is greatly appreciated.


Jane Smith
1234 Maple Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90219
(323) 555-6789

Sworn to before me this _________Day of __________, 2015.

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