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Prices start at $50, and documents completed in 48 hours or less!

Legal Translation


We offer translation of all documents from

The Lawyer Linguist Advantage:

+ free notarization of documents translated
+ legal opinions can be provided where needed
+ guidance with respect to common procedures available

Prices start as low as $50.
— Lawyer Linguist Translation Services
  • Spanish to English,
  • English to Spanish,
  • Portuguese to English 
  • English to Portuguese


with a specialization in translation of legal and commercial documents with Notarial Certification. 

ATIO certified translations (Canada and United States of America) available.

Comprehensive online service

send us your document(s) online, and we will deliver the translation to your door.  

Prices are based on word count, for all services We need to see the document(s) to provide a firm quote - a scanned version is ideal, or drop by our offices. We offer competitive pricing, with included Notarization services, and where legal opinions are needed, we provide legal opinions, all in one location!

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Please upload your file(s) and submit a quote request below.

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Clients having documents in and for any French speaking, Portuguese speaking, and Spanish-speaking  country can benefit from accessing certified official document translations, notarizations, authentication, and legalization of documents required by embassies and consulates, all at one office.

Examples of documents we translate include:

  • primary and secondary school academic transcripts
  • secondary school diplomas
  • university academic transcripts
  • university diplomas
  • birth certificates
  • foreign driver’s license
  • death certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • police clearance certificates
  • divorce certificates
  • passports
  • affidavits (for marriage in a foreign country, for example)
  • curriculum vitae/resumes
  • medical records
  • student cards
  • national identity cards
  • Special Power of Attorney to be used abroad (i.e. drafted and executed in Canada for use in another country)
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Single Status Statutory Declaration
  • real estate documents

... and your document(s).

Legal documents created in Canada normally need to go through the authentication and legalization process before being accepted for use in a foreign country.  To learn more about this process, visit our Legalization - Apostille page.

Pricing in translation services will depend on the document, and the exact services required.  The word count in the document itself is an important variable.